KM Dad-Bro Hat (its for everybody.. i just call these that)


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Everybody knows that dad caps are no longer just for dads, so get an embroidered cotton Kane Mayfield cap for yourself so people think you’re me! You may get asked if you want a free alcoholic drink. Or perhaps they ask you to rap. Do that shit. Be liberated. This one’s really special thanks to the intricate embroidery detail and the washed-out 90’s feel that would make a hipster want to trade you his vintage phonograph for it.
• 100% cotton twillingtons
• 6-panel unstructured cap with a low profile… like a cop. People might also think you’re a cop in this joint so don’t try to buy weed or be wild nefarious in it. Not legal advice.
• 6 sewn eyelets. Put a button in em. Like a real fancy Clarence. Everyone will
• Black sweatband… which coincidentally used to be my stripper name.
• Metal snap buckle with an antique brass finish… which was my dads stripper name.
• Washed-out vintage effect for the inner hipster in you. You’ll be bragging about your poly-sci degree to the cashier of a store that only sells mustard in whatever part of Brooklyn you rode your fixie to in NO TIME.
• Kane Mayfield hats do not necessarily endow you with the powers of Kane. Don’t go trying to lawyer up if you get alcohol poisoning, or your 8-mile attempt goes poorly. Think of it like a FOK. A Friend Of Kane…. you little FOK’kers
BONUS – it has a little hand on the back of it… I know right.

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