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Who stitched your clothing?

Better question… the battery in your cell phone, who mined the cobalt?

These are not questions that the average person is prepared to answer, and for good reason.

Handprints is an honest look at this
narrative, backdropped with a 90’s aesthetic hip hop feel, a soulful piano, and lyrics that merge both bravado and social consciousness



The artwork was created using GAN technology. They have been manipulated and repurposed to visually tell this story.

The image of children dancing to a piano loop and rollerskating drums, is morphed into an ever changing collage of images that react to the song and act out the lyrics.


The release will be cross-chain.

Minted on Bitcoin the initial auction on Scarce.City will establish the floor price. Next,via Emblem Vault, the same assets will be available on Rarible & LooksRare in ETH.

Following the completion of both auctions, holders will be airdropped special sub-assets (or companion pieces) which will consist of stills and digital wearables. These will be released before the shirts, hats and other physical items through the website.

Crypto Donated from Sales


children are trapped in child labour as of 2020

Giving Back

Blockchain technology IS CURRENTLY being used to help end child labor in not just clothing and jewelry, but cacao, cobalt, cosmetics (mica), etc.

Considering 10-20 kids die in Mica mines per month in some regions, this is an issue we are not just passionate about… it is literally a matter of
life and death.

Since the pandemic there has been a spike in cases of child labor… lets fight this battle together.

20% of the proceeds from the initial auctions will be donated directly to charities that fight child labor and human trafficking.

FACT Alliance : Fight Against Child Trafficking
FACT Alliance exists to create awareness and to utilize community efforts to raise money for the building and sustaining of safe and secure aftercare homes both internationally and in the United States.